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BASF Forward AM

Forward AM is part of BASF and in Emmen the FFF department of Forward AM is housed, where the Ultrafuse filaments are produced and sold. We are one of the largest manufacturers in Europe with an exclusive focus on filaments for FFF printing.

It started in 2012 when we made the first monofilament for 3D printing upon request of a printer manufacturer.

Since then, we have developed a broad product portfolio.

End of 2015, being Innofil3D, we invested in new production equipment.

Computer-controlled machinery combined with many years of experience delivers reliable, accurate and consistent filament.

We select the best raw materials available from renowned suppliers.

All our products are 100% traceable to the source.

Innofil3D was acquired by BASF in 2017 and the BASF Ultrafuse brand was created in 2018 for more industrial filaments. In November 2019, BASF Forward AM was launched – the BASF branch for Additive Manufacturing. Ultrafuse is the product group name for all FFF materials from BASF Forward AM.


#PROJECTZERO, a new initiative at Forward AM, is a long-term commitment to reducing our impact on the planet by developing sustainable products, solutions, and production methods, while also studying the impact of the 3D printing industry and evolving the way we work.

The Carbon Compensation Plan is a key component of Forward AM’s #PROJECTZERO. This will be accomplished by offsetting materials beginning with our Ultrasint® PP line by calculating the carbon emission per each material resulting in the acquisition of carbon credits that will compensate for the carbon emissions of a specific material.