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As one of the leading 3D printer manufacturers in the world. Based in Barcelona, BCN3D firmly believe in delivering the best quality tools to both professionals and industry level users. Above all, their goal is to enable creators and innovators materialize their ideas providing a platform for creation.

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BCN3D Omega I60

BCN3D Omega I60 is a high-speed, all-in-one industrial FFF 3D Printer designed to produce big, strong prototypes and end-use parts, particularly tooling, jigs, and fixtures.

The BCN3D Omega I60 features a modernised version of BCN3D’s signature IDEX technology, which doubles productivity by using both toolheads simultaneously. It boasts a massive print volume of 60L and a heated chamber that can reach temperatures up to 70oC, allowing for the production of large-scale, robust pieces in engineering-grade materials.

The printer is equipped with a temperature and humidity-controlled material operations system that prepares filaments for printing. Additionally, it utilizes a 1.75mm direct-drive high-speed extruder capable of speeds up to 300 mm/s, enabling faster production of parts than ever before.


The BCN3D Epsilon series fits the gap between desktop and industrial 3D printing, creating a large build, industrial power, 3D printer that will fit on your workbench.

The BCN3D Epsilon series is perfect for those who want to move beyond prototyping to create high end, quality, products. The BCN3D can add value to the manufacturing and product line, through the use of IDEX technology, allowing twice the number of products to be printed in half the time. This makes low volume production or short runs of products much more cost effective than traditional manufacturing methods.

The wide portfolio of materials, developed with BASF and the use of an open filament system allows the end user to develop high quality products which a perfect for their unique application.

Want to know more about the Epsilon series of BCN3D printers? Click here to watch their 2022 Introduction to Epsilon series webinars:

Smart Cabinet

Create the perfect print environment for your filament using the BCN3D Smart Cabinet to get the best quality part again and again. Store multiple reels of filament at a controlled 40% humidity, creating high quality repeatability and maximising productivity.

With a built in uninterruptible power supply, you can be sure that even if the power fails, your print wont.

The Smart Cabinet also has a handy built-in tool tray and wheels for ease of maintenance and portability around the workshop, cutting maintenance time and increasing productivity.

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