Kimya Filament Range

Kimya Filament Range

With the benefit of Kimyas know-how on materials formulation, they have designed custom 3D materials at the Kimya Lab in addition to ready-to-use filament ranges from our online store, ideal for you to 3D print all your projects!

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Additive Manufacturing by ARMOR

Ultra-resistant and high-performance 3D materials

Thanks to our expertise in the field of additive manufacturing, we have developed a vast range of 3D filaments enabling you to design all your projects in an instant. Every filament has been subjected to rigorous formulation, analysis and characterization conducted by the experts of the Kimya Lab. All the filaments in our store have been tested and verified via a battery of printing simulations for different applications. A number of our materials have been designed and certified to provide resistance against high temperatures and solvents. Others can be used in food contact situations or in outdoor conditions… Visit our store to find out more about all the properties of our 3D filaments!

Ready to use, and our teams are available to help you make the right choice!

All our 3D filaments are accompanied by a detailed data sheet to help you make the right choices for your project and your specific printing and utilization constraints. We develop precise printing profiles to guarantee you the best possible result when developing your 3D parts in-house. However, our teams are also at your service to provide you with any advice you might need and to guide you towards the filament spools best suited to your application. Take advantage of their experience and recognized know-how in hi-tech additive manufacturing to achieve your best projects!

Discover all our 3D filament ranges

We are constantly expanding our ranges with new 3D filaments! You can find the data on the properties of all our new materials by visiting our store, enabling you to print parts of the highest quality and with the best possible result. All our 3D filament spools are available via our store: you can easily and securely pay for your orders online and receive your products within 24 hours at your premises!