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The Mayku Multiplier

Industrial performance

Create ultra precise molds and final parts in a matter of minutes with the Mayku Multiplier. Industrial power that allows you to scale at high speed and take full control.

Pressure of up to 60 psi

The Multiplier applied pressure, more than 4 times higher than vacuum forming, creating accurate parts with incredibly high levels of detail.

The heated pressure chamber

It heats a sheet of material up to 200ºC in under two minutes. An automatic levelling system controls the pressure during the heating process to make sure the sheet remains completely horizontal.

Smart features

The Mayku Multiplier is built with industrial-grade components and comes with integrated sensors, guaranteeing a consistent and safe pressure forming process.

An industrial pressure former, for the desktop

Make fully transparent prototypes and cast complex objects with flexible molds. Create parts with a high level of detail and accuracy similar to injection molding at a fraction of the cost.

400mm forming area

It features a circular 400mm forming area and 160mm of height. Make large parts or multiple smaller ones in one go.

Wi-Fi connectivity

The Multiplier features Wi-Fi connectivity, which means it will grow richer with new features and material profiles over time with regular firmware updates.

Mayku Multiplier: Understanding Pressure Forming in Education

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Mayku Multiplier: Wimbledon College of Art Use Case Story

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