UltiMaker 3 Advanced 3D Printing Kit

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UltiMaker 3 Advanced 3D Printing Kit

£128.10 inc. VAT

£106.75 ex. VAT

Ultimaker’s Advanced 3D Printing Kit has been designed to help you get consistent, reliable print results every time. Special adhesion sheets included in the kit minimise warping and achieve better bed adhesion a welcome alternative to glue! And the door creates a more controlled environment inside your 3D printer; which means a more stable temperature and a higher print success rate. Quality and performance of the printed parts will be also improved as a result.


In the Box

UltiMaker 3 / UltiMaker 3 Extended

  • 1 x Front enclosure
  • 1 x Adhesive applicator
  • 1 x Glass plate
  • 25 x Adhesion sheet

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When to use the Advanced 3D Printing Kit?

The Advanced 3D Printing Kit can be used in combination with all UltiMaker filaments, although the benefits are greater for some materials than for others. See the table below for an overview of the compatibility and advice:

Material Door Adhesion sheet
PLA Optional Optional
ABS Highly recommended Optional
CPE Highly recommended Optional
CPE+ Highly recommended Highly recommended
PC Highly recommended Highly recommended
Nylon Optional Optional
TPU 95A Optional Not advised