Bambu Lab AMS lite – Automatic Material System

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Bambu Lab AMS lite – Automatic Material System

£229.00 inc. VAT

£190.83 ex. VAT

Product Features

  • Multi-Color/Multi-Material Capability
  • Automatic Filament Backup
  • Improved Spool Compatibility
  • Easy to Maintain
  • RFID Filament Sync


Bambu Lab AMS lite

  • Multi-Color/Multi-Material Capability
  • Improved Spool Compatibility
  • RFID Filament Sync
  • Automatic Filament Backup
  • Easy to Maintain

Multi-Color 3D Printing For Everyone

AMS lite brings colors to your 3D printed models, opens up a whole
new world for your creativity to soar

Filament Backup

With AMS lite, you can setup automatic filament backup to seamlessly load in new spool when the current spool runs out. Ensures an uninterrupted printing process and also preventing filament waste due to manual spool change.

Improved Spool Compatibility

The spring loaded rotary spool holder grips the spool at the
center hole, improving spool compatibility especially for those
paper spools.

Easy Maintenance

The simple and exposed design of the AMS lite makes it super easy
to work on. Through the translucent shell, user can easily observe
the inner operation structure to troubleshoot.

Hassle-Free Support Removal

With AMS lite, Bambu Lab printers can use snap-away support
material or dissolvable filament to minimize the pain of removing

Automatic Filament Identification

Bambu Lab filaments use RFID which is read by the AMS to automatically identify and apply the best settings for your material. The RFID tag is synchronized automatically to Bambu Studio. Non Bambu Lab Filaments need to be manually configured in Bambu Studio or in the printer.

Whats in the box

What’s in the box

AMS lite Body

AMS lite Stand

AMS lite Rotary Spool Holder (x4)

Allen Key H2

PTFE Tubes for AMS lite

Screw (×5) (For AMS Stand)

Technical Specifications

Item AMS lite Specification
Product Size 397*208*342 mm³
Package Size 470*290*340 mm³
Product Weight 1.6 kg
Gross Weight 3.7 kg
Material ABS / PC / POM
Supported Filament*¹ PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, PET, PA, PC, PVA (dry), BVOH (dry), PP, POM,
Not Recommended Filament*² Bambu PLA Glow, Bambu PETG-CF, and other generic brands of PLA
Glow-in-the-dark, etc.
Unsupported Filament*³ TPE, TPU, PVA (wet), BVOH (wet), Bambu PET-CF / PA6-CF / TPU 95A
and other brand filament that contains carbon fiber or glass fiber
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Supported Spool Size width: 40 – 68 mm, inner diameter: 53 – 58 mm

*¹: Determined by the Loading / Unloading perspective. Before printing, the compatibility between the filament and the printer needs to be considered.
*²: These filaments can generate loading errors and / or will cause faster wear to the AMS lite components.
*³: Filaments that are too soft, too brittle or too abrasive are not compatible with the AMS lite.