BMF microArch™ S230

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BMF microArch™ S230


The 2μm series is our highest resolution system, perfect for applications that require ultra-high resolution and tight tolerances. Compatible with a wide-range of materials, the 2μm series is the ultimate choice for prototyping parts that are true to CAD and look exactly like the finished product.


Light Source UV-LED (405nm)
Printing Material Photosensitive Resin
Exposure Resolution 2μm
Layer Thickness 5μm~20μm
Surface Roughness 0.4-0.8µm Ra (top) 1.5-2.5µm Ra (side)
Printing Area 50 x 50 x 50mm
Printing Height 2mm~50mm
Input Data File Format STL
Power Supply 3000w
External Dimensions 1720(L) x 750(W) x 1820(H)mm
Total Weight 660kg



Customizable high-resolution optical system and movement platform (with resolution down to 2μm)

Step-and-repeat process that allows for achievement of both high resolution and large area

Controlled processing technology to produce highly precise 3D printed objects

Real-time image monitoring, auto focus, and exposure compensation

Operation software with microArch graphic interface system and customer parameter setting

The microArch 3D printing system is able to realize ultra-high resolution, large-area printing that is used in industrial prototyping and short-run production.

Technical Information

Printing Technology Light Source Light Wavelength Printing Material Optical Resolution Build Size Layer Thickness Tolerance
PμSL (Projection Micro Stereolithography) Stereolithography) UV-LED 405nm Photosensensitive resins, ceramic 2µm 50 x 50 x 50mm 5-20µm +/-25µm