Fiberthree Drybox 300mm 1.75mm reel size

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Fiberthree Drybox 300mm 1.75mm reel size

£366.00 inc. VAT

£305.00 ex. VAT


The most secure way to store and handle your 3D-filament under constant conditions! Your drybox to ensure printing with consistent filament properties whenever you need it! Created for industrial use, engineering and development offices, public education or professional users

Key Features
  • Suitable for filament spools up to 300 mm in diameter – simple to install!
  • Sealed box and nearly sealed feed line for controlled ‘dry-state’!
  • Box can be locked and easy to transport!
  • Roll guides with adjustable brake to avoid unwinding of filament!
  • your 3D-filament is stored dry and stays dry during printing
  • keeps dry for days by the sealed box
  • elegant and durable box with carrier handle and pressure valve
  • transparent spool support can stand alone and offers space for moisture absorber
  • box can be secured by a padlock
  • large scratchproof vision panel for control
  • integrated hygrometer for humidity check
  • self-centering spool guides for all common filament spools with inner diameter of 50 mm to 54 mm
  • spool guide with integrated adjustable brake to avoid uncontSpuled unwinding and knotting of the filament
  • suitable for 2 spools up to 200mm in outer diamenter or 1 spool of 300mm in outer diameter
  • designed for 1,75 mm and 2,85 mm Filament by exchangable pipe connectors und threads on both sides of box
  • manufactured in Germany


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