Fiberthree F3 PA Pure Lite Natural | 1.75mm | 1kg

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Fiberthree F3 PA Pure Lite Natural | 1.75mm | 1kg

£156.00 inc. VAT

£130.00 ex. VAT


Technical filament from polyamide modified for 3D-printing in FFF.

  • Filament for FFF-printers with major PA 12 content
  • unfilled
  • high tensile strength; very low water absorption
  • low warping effect
  • excellent adhesion to various print plates
  • very smooth surfaces possible (bone white color)

Material Properties

Material shows excellent strength with excellent impact resistance and reduced warping behaviour.

Recommended for all high strength parts with good heat- and media resistance.

The material can be used as a baseline for comparison of the fiber addition impact or where fibers or conductivity is not wanted in the printed part.

The material differs from PA PurePro by increased heat absorption in the melting process and a decreased moisture sensitivity.

Printed parts show an excellent smooth surface finish.

Technical Information

Mechanical properties

Density g/ cm³ 1,14
Modulus of Elasticity printed specimen MPa (N/mm²) 3.300
Tensile strength printed specimen x-y (+ 45°/-45°) MPa (N/mm²) 60
Tensile strength printed specimen x-y (0°) MPa (N/mm²) 80
Tensile strength printed specimen x-y (90°) MPa (N/mm²) 30
Tensile stress printed specimen x-y (0°) MPa (N/mm²)
Elongation printed specimen (0°) %
Flexural modulus printed specimen (+ 45°/-45°) GPa (kN/mm²)
Impact strength printed specimen x-y (+ 45°/-45°)(Charpy) kJ/m² 135
Shore hardness

Thermal properties

Glass transition temp. °C 88
Heat distortion temp.(HDT) °C 90

Data Sheets

Download Technical Data Sheet

Download Safety Data Sheet


The Material has been tested on following printers:

Printer F3 PA-CF Pro F3 PA-GF Pro F3 PA Pure Pro F3 PA-CF Lite F3 PA Pure Pro
3NTR A2/A4 x x x x x
Evo-Tech Evolizer EL-102 x x x x x
Hage3D 84L/140L x x x x x
Multec M500/M800 x x x x x
Prusa I3 MK3S x x x
Raise3D N2/N2+ (Bondtech-upgrade) x x x x x
Raise3D Pro2/Pro2+ x x x
UltiMaker S5/S3 x x x x x
Zortrax M200 Plus x x


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