From 2D to 3D Printing Workshop

From 2D to 3D Printing Workshop

£300.00 ex. VAT

Introducing 3D shapes and 3D printing technology.

Students learn how 3D printers work and explore various ways a 3D shape can be made through craft-based activities, they also produce a 3D model from a 2D cookie cutter design.

This cross-curricular workshop combines Maths with Computing, Art and Design Technology at KS1 and KS2 and is suitable for Year 2 or Year 3 students. At the end of the workshop, each student will have a cookie cutter 3D printed from their own design.

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Inspire and engage students in STEAM with a 3D printing workshop

These cross-curricular workshops have been developed to help schools deliver a wider curriculum experience whilst introducing students to 3D printing technology and 3D modelling software.

Our different themed workshops are for Years 2-6  and are fully mapped to the KS1 and KS2 Design Technology, Computing, Mathematics, Science, Art, Literacy and History curriculums.

Each workshop provides:

  • a complete project around a topic
  • resources fully mapped to the relevant curriculum areas
  • copy of all the workshop resources, enabling them to run the workshop with other groups of students in the future, potentially taking advantage of the FREE CREATE Education 3D printer loan scheme

During the workshop’s students will:

  • learn how 3D printers work
  • discover some of the applications of 3D printing
  • design and create their own 3D model

All workshops:

  • run for half a day*
  • with a maximum of 30 students
  • 2½ – 3hrs to work around individual school day timings

From £300 for a half day workshop (dependent upon location of school)

Learning Outcomes

Planned Learning Experiences

In this workshop students will:

  • Learn how 3D printers work and how they can produce 3D object.
  • Understand that a 3D printed model is usually made from a 3D design.
  • Learn how to produce a 3D model from a 2D sketch using the “scribble” tool in Tinkercad 3D modelling software.
  • Produce a 3D model of a cookie cutter using Tinkercad software.
  • Learn how 3D objects can be made from nets then make common 3D shapes from nets.
  • Learn how 3D prints are made up from layers of material then make simple models from layers of card.
  • Complete a workshop evaluation.

Learning Outcomes

  • 3D model made from a card net.
  • 3D model made from layers of card.
  • 3D CAD model design of a cookie cutter.
  • 3D printed cookie cutter.
  • Project evaluation.

Key concepts and terminology

  • Additive manufacturing
  • 3D modelling
  • 3D printing
  • Slicing
  • CAD (computer aided design)
  • CAM (computer aided manufacturing)
  • 3D net
  • 3D shapes eg cube, cuboid, pyramid, cylinder, cone, sphere, tetrahedron


“Excellent company – great ethos and work ethic. CREATE is always looking for new ways of delivering inspiring workshops to children across the UK. Their commitment to STEM/STEAM is second to none and they are always happy to help and support”

“This project is fantastic. We were taken through the basics of 3D printing, eventually producing a wheel. The variations that anyone can make with the Ultimaker printer is endless and lets the child’s mind create. A great opening into the world engineering that this country needs for the future. I recommend this project to any school.”

“An excellent day from The CREATE Education Project. supporting both students and teaching staff to bring to life the new opportunities in 3D printing. Encouraging innovation, creativity, problem solving, teamwork and making Engineering more accessible to both boys and girls.”