Lynxter S300X 3D Printer

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Lynxter S300X 3D Printer


Lynxter introduces its new industrial 3D printer, the S300X, the most efficient on the market today to print medical and industrial grade silicones and polyurethanes.


S300X 3D Printer

The IDEX Silicone 3D Printer

Lynxter introduces its new industrial 3D printer, the S300X, the most efficient on the market today to print medical and industrial grade silicones and polyurethanes.

A compact, reliable and robust industrial silicone 3D printer with integrated support printing technology for unlimited shape design.

Industrial Silicone Applications

Seals, Masking, Maintenance

The S300X silicone 3D printer is designed to meet the needs of industry. Production of surface treatment masks and plugs, custom seals, emergency repair, or soft robotics. The production gains in economy of gesture, reactivity, manufacturing time and in innovation.

The S300X silicone 3D printer can print industrial grade RTV2 silicones (45 shA – 10 shD) and polyurethanes (50 to 85 shA – 12 to 33 shD).

Industrial Silicone Applications

Epithesis, Orthosis, Prosthesis

Silicone 3D printing contributes today to the improvement and simplification of the medical workflow by reducing the number of manual interventions involved in the production of ortheses and prostheses. It is also used to make custom orthopaedic and orthoplastic devices.

The S300X silicone 3D printer can print RTV2 silicones certified skin contact from 5 shA to 40 shA (45 sh00 to 86 sh00).

Compact Industrial 3D Printer

Compact Industrial 3D Printer

Simple & Efficient

The S300X combines robustness, precision and industrial efficiency in a compact size that fits in any workspace.

The large capacity cartridges allow the silicone printing of large parts or several small ones in complete autonomy, reducing the need for intervention. Its filtered, heated and silent chamber ensures the safety and comfort of its user.

Lynxter 3D Printing

Dual Liquid Extrusion with Supports

The S300X silicone 3D printer is equipped with 2 toolheads in IDEX configuration: the dual component LIQ21 prints the part and the single component LIQ11 prints the water soluble support.

IDEX technology offers many advantages:
– Total design freedom, even in overhang position thanks to the soluble supports.
– Multi-material, multi-color 3D printing without cross-contamination.
– Single or double extrusion printing according to your needs

Lynxter 3D Printing

Industrial & Medical Silicone 3D Printing

Since 2016, Lynxter has been developing a unique and qualified know-how on silicone 3D printing, which now extends to the S300X 3D printer. The S300X prints industrial and medical grade silicones that are UV resistant and maintain all their chemical and mechanical properties:

– RTV2 medical grade silicone (5, 10, 25, 40 shA) certified skin contact.
– Industrial grade RTV2 silicones (45 shA -10 shD) and polyurethanes (50 to 85 shA – 12 to 33 shD).

Lynxter 3D Printing


Introducing Lynxter – push the limit of 3D printing

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications

Build volume X 300 mm x Y 250 mm x Z 200 mm
Dimensions W 1000 x D 629 x H 887 mm
Layer Height 100μm to >1mm
Printing Materials RTV2 medical Silicones (5,10, 25, 40 ShA)
RTV2 industrial Silicones (45shA)
Polyurethane (from 50 to 85 shA)
Power 230V AC 8A 50-60Hz
Connectivity Ethernet
Customizable firmware Lynxter S300X firmware (base RepRapFirmware)
Thermal Environment Heated build plate: 20°C to 160°C
Heated chamber: 20°C to 40°C
Build Surface Removable, hot-swappable, ground surface
Automatic Calibration Levelling of the manufacturing surface
Machine geometry correction
Tool heights calibration
Nozzle XY offsets calibration
User Safety and Security Removable dual HEPA H14
Activated carbon filtration
Lockable machine access
Max. Toolhead Moving Speed X-Y : 800mm/s, Z : 50mm/s
Control Stand-alone touch screen and web interface
Manufacturing Format Gcode standard
Print Job Protection End of consumables detection – Resume printing after power failure
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