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Makerclub Licence

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MakerClub provide everything you need to help students learn STEAM through making.


MakerClub provide everything you need to help students learn STEAM through making.

The online platform gives pupils access to hundreds of projects, challenges and resources, seamlessly enabling you to deliver the skills needed for the next generation to create with technology.

Projects are curriculum mapped, including all of KS2 Computing and beyond. Teacher’s resources include lesson plans, automatic assessment & reporting, and class management. A site licence provides unlimited student accounts, unlimited sessions to all staff in your school, library or makerspace. To be used in conjunction with the MakerClub Classroom Kit.


Programming Curriculum
Starting with the basics, our programming curriculum teaches coding concepts using real-world projects. Each project builds on knowledge learned from previous projects to allow students to learn at their own pace. The platform covers all of Computing KS1 and KS2. Projects also cover more advanced areas of STEAM such as laws of motion and advanced electronics, as well as many KS3 computing concepts.

Automatic assessments
Individual student reporting is automated within the platform. Quizzes and attainment badges are built into each project, allowing the teacher to see at a glance the progress of each student and highlight those who might need extra support.

Lesson Planning
Each project comes with a list of key objectives, warm-up activities, a glossary, and details of resources required. There are also inbuilt extension activities to accommodate those pupils who forge ahead.


Platform Contents: 50+ Projects and Challenges. Lesson Plans. Curriculum Mapping. Class
Management Dashboard. Assessment, Quizzes and Progress Reporting.
Logins: Unlimited staff and unlimited pupil accounts
Pupil Age: 8-14
Curriculum Standards: National Curriculum KS1 and KS2
Subjects: Computing, STEAM


“An excellent addition… The kids love it and I feel like we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible. I like the brevity of the platform. It was easy to get up and running. The customer service has been excellent.”

John Bee, Teacher Harriers Academy Banbury