MakerClub STEAM Class Kit

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MakerClub STEAM Class Kit

£2,394.00 inc. VAT

£1,995.00 ex. VAT

Working in partnership with Makerclub, we’re delighted to be able to offer the ultimate STEAM classroom kit. It’s everything you need to bring a makerspace into your classroom.


Working in partnership with Makerclub, we’re delighted to be able to offer the ultimate STEAM kit – containing everything you need to setup and run a world class makerspace in your classroom.

Contains over 300 pieces of cutting-edge electronics, components and 3D printed robotics.

Projects are curriculum mapped, including all KS1 + KS2 Computing as well as more advanced STEAM learning – building up knowledge using fun, hands-on robotics.

With 100+ activities, using dozens of different inputs and outputs, the possibilities are limitless. This is all the STEAM kit you could need.

Teacher’s resources include lesson plans, automatic assessment &; reporting, and class management tools. Ideal whatever your level of technical ability.

Revise in line with latest Ofsted framework and objectives. Recommended for pupils 8-80 years old! To be used in conjunction with the MakerClub Platform Site Licence. Suitable for classrooms, after-school clubs, and makerspaces.


● Over 300 pieces in a slick storage flight case
● Bespoke wireless microcontroller technology and dedicated wifi router
● Sensors including heat, humidity, motion, and distance, buttons and other
● Various outputs; lights, motors, wheels, servos, and speakers
● Leads, plugs, batteries & chargers
● Tools
Requires the MakerClub site licence (link)
Standard pack suitable for 24 pupils – expansion packs available on request.

Curriculum Standards: Computing KS1 & KS2
Additional Learning: Electronics, Robotics, Engineering, Design & Technology,
Physics, Rapid Prototyping, Collaborative Problem Solving.

Features and Benefits

Fully aligned to KS2 National Curriculum objectives in STEAM subjects which emphasis a cross-curricular approach

Fully curated and curriculum mapped. Everything you need to deliver world-class STEAM learning in a portable box 

With access to hundreds of projects, challenges and resources, it seamlessly enables you to deliver the skills needed for the next generation to create with technology.

All set for coding and creating in one easily portable piece of classroom-based kit that can be shared throughout your school to deliver an exciting and expandable STEAM learning experience.

Access to the platform requires a school licence at £600/year. Unlimited student accounts and unlimited sessions. Includes full teacher training and support, as well as access to hundreds of projects, challenges and resources.

Key Points

  • Perfect tool for introducing making into the classroom easily and enhancing STEM/STEAM classroom 
  • Makerspace in a box – Everything you need for making in a primary setting in one easy to use, ready to go portable kit.
  • Easy to resource all lessons, all labelled and ready for classroom delivery
  • All you need within the kit to deliver but only the beginning – all the elements are expandable so you can add to it and build on STEAM learning as you wish.
  • Suitable for group participation or self-paced learning
  • Challenges to extend for more able and support as needed for pupils
  • Addresses the wider STEAM curriculum
  • Solutions to support teachers easily embed STEAM projects 
  • Helps to meet the new OFSTED inspection framework from Sept 2019
  • Enhances Computing and Design Technology curriculum as well as providing a real-world application of maths and science.


“It has been a great opportunity for him to discover coding, design, print and programe his first bus; he has been challenged, but also supported by the wonderful and dedicated team there. The staff has managed to gather and grow a great learning community that we are happy to be part of.”


“My son enjoys it! And I love there is discussion session among the tutors and children in the end of each lesson.”