Meltio CNC Integration

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Meltio CNC Integration


Introducing the Meltio Engine: an affordable hybrid manufacturing solution compatible with a wide range of CNC machines. This innovative system combines metal 3D printing and machining, allowing for the creation of intricate geometries in a single operation. Whether used for near-net shape manufacturing, repair tasks, or adding features, the Meltio Engine provides an ideal complement to CNC processes.


Platform for Machining and Additive Manufacturing

Compatible with nearly all CNC machines, this platform facilitates the simultaneous metal 3D printing and machining of intricate geometries within a single process step.

Hybrid Manufacturing

Produce intricate components with machining precision within a unified manufacturing process.


Equip any CNC machine with enhanced capabilities by transforming it into a hybrid metal manufacturing system.


Affordable component repair, part enhancement, and additional feature integration.

Geometry Freedom

There are no inherent limitations when the operational space is solely determined by the dimensions of the motion system.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH): 390 x 700 x 1025 mm
Print Envelope (WxDxH): Depending on the integration
System Weight: 142 kg
Laser Type: 6 x 200 W direct diode lasers
Laser Wavelength: 976 nm
Total Laser Power: 1200 W
Power Input: 208 / 230 V single phase or 400 V three phase
Power Consumption: 2 – 5 kW peak depending on selected options
Process Control: Closed-loop, laser and wire modulation
Enclosure: Laser-safe, sealed, controlled atmosphere
Interface: USB, ethernet, wireless datalink
Cooling: Active water-cooled chiller included
Wire Feedstock Diameter: 0.8 – 1.2 mm
Wire Feedstock Spool: BS300 or Wire drums

Wire Materials

Stainless Steels: Excellent strength and corrosion resistance.
Mild Steels: Cheap and ductile, with unparalleled machinability and weldability.
Carbon Steels: High impact strength, retain hardness at high temperatures.
Titanium Alloys: Highest strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance.
Nickel Alloys: High versatility, outstanding heat and corrosion resistance.
Copper & Aluminum: Under Development.

Printhead Information

Includes actuated mounting hardware where the deposition head is stored in a sealed enclosure when not in use and automatically deployed when needed.

Printhead Unretracted Size (WxDxH): 255 X 320 X 1045 mm
Printhead Retracted Size (WxDxH) 255 x 320 x 872 mm
Printhead Weight: 46.5 kg

Key Integration Requirements

Includes actuated mounting hardware where the deposition head is stored in a sealed enclosure when not in use and automatically deployed when needed.

Spindle motors can handle the additional weight. Ability to add a NO relays to the feed hold.
Deployment mechanism can be mounted without collitions. Possibility to add safety integration (depending on the integration).
5 – 8 digital input ports available. Laser safety windows can be mounted.
1 – 7 digital output ports available. Ability to add feed resume/start buttons.

*The integration will require laser safety windows, door safety interlocks and sheet metal protection for any penetrations in the roof or side walls of the machine. These hardware items are to be sourced by the integrator and depend on the CNC machine of choice.

Upgrades and Accessories

Dual Wire: This option allows to 3D print two wire materials sequentially with very quick wire switches.
Hot Wire: Programmable power supply that preheats the material to increase the deposition rate.
Laser Alignment System: It allows users to calibrate Meltio’s multi-laser deposition head accurately and effortlessly prior to every print.

Meltio CNC Applications

Watch Bezels

Titanium 64

Size: 50 x 45.9 x 12.7 mm
Weight: 0.25 kg
Print Cost: £31.74


Size: ext. 70 Ø – int. 50 Ø mm
Weight: 0.51 kg
Production Time: 6h
Gas Turbine Blade Repair

Nickel 625

Size: 65 x 29 x 6 mm
Weight: 0.015 kg
Print Cost: £1.23

Software Partner Ecosystem

Meltio offers an open platform for software, catering to diverse industrial application requirements. Additionally, it provides proprietary software customized for wire-laser metal 3D printing, seamlessly integrated with Meltio's hardware and material lineup

Laser Alignment System

Meltio has developed the Laser Alignment System to support the implementation of our advanced wire-laser deposition technology. Its purpose is to enhance print process reliability and elevate the user experience.

Meltio Materials

Meltio's Laser Metal Deposition process offers superior mechanical properties with single or dual wire options. Choose from third-party materials or Meltio's certified Wire Materials for reliability.

Metal 3D Printing Experiences

Francesc Martínez

R&D Integrations Director / Sivó

” If we compare with other makers of laser, with Meltio >we’ve had the clearer deposition in thousands of parts, and that is nice to see. We can also make some parts that are impossible to make without Meltio’s technology.

We can produce one part with one configuration, then another one with a total different one. Without Meltio’s technology, we wouldn’t be able to do it because the costs would be too high. “