Meltio Robot Cell

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Meltio Robot Cell


The Meltio Robot Cell is an affordable turn-key solution for the Meltio Engine Robot Integration. It’s an intuitive plug-and-play solution.


Robot Cell

Plug-and-play Solution for Robot Integration

The Meltio Robot Cell is an affordable turn-key solution for the Meltio Engine Robot Integration. It’s an intuitive plug-and-play solution.

Plug and Play


Plug and Play Installation

It’s the perfect platform for large and complex 3D printing,
repair, cladding, and feature addition.

Plug and Play Installation

Allows the customer to receive a ready to use cell for
robotic metal 3D printing.

Best Components

Robot and positioner on a self-supporting platform, laser
safe enclosure.

Safe, Tested and Certified

In accordance with European CE and laser safety regulations
and multiple quality controls.

Focus on Printing

On-site training for enabling the end user to be successful
with Meltio and develop applications in short time.

Technical Specifications


Key Technical Features

CLASS 1 Laser Product.

Meltio Space 1 (one) year subscription.

Large 3D Printing Volume with Continuous positioner axes

All equipment and peripherals anchored on the platform.

Standard CE certification.

Steel platform with leveling points and wiring ducts.

All cell controls unified on single control panel.

Everything is sent integrated and tested.

The final reseller/integrator
focuses work on training and enabling the client to manufacture
parts</b >

Load and unload from truck with
regular size and load forklift.

Includes 300x400mm actively cooled build platform and

Electrical Requirements

Power Input: Three phase 400V 50Hz 5 poles (3W+N+PE) Protection up to 50A 20kw
peak power consumption Average power consumption at 15-18 A: -> 7kw
Alternative Power Input Upon Request: Three phase 440V 60Hz 5 poles (3W + N + PE) Three phase 230V 60Hz 3
poles (3W)

Structure and Enclosure

General dimensions: 4.050 x 2.300 x 3.000 mm

Self-supporting steel platform (4050 mm length x 2550 mm
width).</b >

Prepared to support the weight of the Cell and its components
without deformations.</b >

Includes leveling points.

Resistant to oxidation or protected for this purpose.

Ducts for wiring and integration elements, allowing a clean
floor.</b >

Laser safe enclosure according to
IEC 60825-1 and IEC 60825-4.

Robot Cell product as Class 1 reducing the risks for users.

Highly fire-resistant enclosure materials that do not produce
toxic particles. Specifically:</b >
B-s2,d0 according to UNE EN 13501-1

Integration and Safety

Single three-phase connector input.

All cell controls unified on single control panel:

-Cell Controls:

Open doors and arm security

Robot Controls:

Motors On, Mode Selector and Emergency

Connected to the customer’s
local netword (LAN) for PC interconnectivity.

ABB’s SafeMove to avoid collisions with enclosure.

Safe environment for the end customer.

European CE and laser safety regulations.

UCKA in UK and UL in America to be evaluated.

Fully Tested.

Specific Quality Controls before and after integration,
ensuring maximum performance at its final destination.

Supplies Area

Meltio Engine Control Unit.

Engine and Build Platform

Water Chillers.

External Feeders, for spool holders and drums of +100kg

Inert Gas Supply options:

– Attachments for three 50L Argon bottles with non-return valves.

– Optional Meltio Gas Regulator

– Or Supplied by customer

* All these equipment and peripherals are anchored on this platform and
may not exceed from the maximum dimensions of the self-supporting
platform during transport.

Load and Build Volume

Load: 500 kg max load (Standard) Positioner Interpolation: ⌀ 1000 mm x 1200 mm
No Positioner Interpolation: 2000 x 1000 x 1000 mm Custom build platform not included No
positioner movement, only robot tool orientation
Actively Cooled Build Platform: Buildplate 300x400mm Buildplate 150x200mm Buildplate 120x100mm

* The cooling bed allows control of the temperature of the prints as
wells to protect the positioner, hardware that cannot be over 70ºC on
periods of more than 24h.

Updated and renewed User Interface.

Custom profiles without the need of writing macros, every
possibility parametrized.

HD Webcam.

Compatible with Welding Camera.

Timeline for Sensors Analysis.

Live 3D model based on reading TCP positions from robot.

Profiles for Meltio Materials and Meltio Space.

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