miniFactory Ultra

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miniFactory Ultra


miniFactory Ultra

Industrial 3D Printer

Harness the power of ultra polymers with miniFactory Ultra

The most powerful and versatile industrial 3D printer. With this all-in-one device you have the whole material range available.

ULTEM®, PEKK, PPSU, PA-CARBON, PEEK, and many more at your disposal.

For the professionals whom the quality matters.


Ultimate strength and quality with 250°C heated chamber

Extremely high temperature in the chamber unlocks the widest material range on the market and ensures ultimate strenght for printed parts.

AARNI Process Monitoring System

Cutting-edge process monitoring system does the quality control for you. Let the system supervise itself and certify your prints unlike ever before.

Heated Filament Chamber

Streamlined data access and automation across industrial management systems

SERVO Driven Technology

Presicion and stability with high-end servo motors, ball screws and linear guides ensure large, dimensionally accurate and repeatable prints.

One of the most accurate FFF printing systems available.

Automate Post-Processing

miniFactory Ultra’s post-processing features are activated straight from the touch screen, providing optimized annealing process to the selected material.

No need for separate post-processing equipment.

Active Carbon Filtering

miniFactory is a pioneer in printing safety. The filtering will considerably reduce the amount of emissions present in the printing process of industrial polymers.

Office friendly system


miniFactory Ultra - Video

Aarni Process Monitoring System

3D printing quality assurance with Aarni Process Monitoring System

1. Print the part

Print the part using a validated print profile made by miniFactory. Use only the certified materials from the world’s leading material suppliers. When the print job is complete, a data file can be downloaded from the 3D printer.

2. Use the Aarni software to overview the data file

Open the data file with the Aarni software installed on your computer. With the Aarni software you’ll have a clear overview of the workflow and the actual printing environment. You can also check the basic parameters used for the printed part.

3. Layer by layer visualization

Aarni visualizes the collected data with a 3D model and paragraphs, which makes it easier to understand the data. By keeping the wire frame view inside the printed part, you’ll see how the part is made, line by line and layer by layer.

4. Ensure the part properties

Aarni visualizes the exact points and lines if the process has exceeded the set limits. This information allows the user to assess the critical points of the component and ensure that it meets the quality standards.

5. Fill the information

The operator can fill in information such as the date of printing and the batch number, so that the printed part can be fully traced. If necessary, additional information can be added.

6. Print the documentation

Aarni allows you to create a document that highlights the entire printing process. This document has the same intuitive visualization as the 3D model and paragraphs.


Build Volume 330 x 180 x 180mm
+ wide range of GF/ CF composites & ESD polymers
Device measurement 100 x 80 x 190cm
Device weight 320kg
Power Requirement 400V/ 16A 3-phase

Printer Properties

Chamber temperature 250°C
Platform temperature 250°C
Extruder temperature 250°C
Mechanics AC-Servo motors & ball screws class c5
Repeatability 0,025mm/ 400mm
Extruders 2 (separable extruders)
Build platform Internal vacuum system
Leveling Fully automatic calibration
UI 7″ touchscreen
Saftey Protected with rcd activated carbon filtering
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Cooling Liquid cooling & air cooling
Sensoring Jam & runout sensors
Accessories AARNI – Process Monitoring System
Heated filament chamber


Slicing software Simplify 3D
Certification CE


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