Photocentric Studio Software

Photocentric Studio Software

£190.80 inc. VAT

£159.00 ex. VAT

Photocentric Studio is a complete and comprehensive solution for all users from hobbyists to professionals. Now, Liquid Crystal users have everything readily available in one user-friendly package; where you can prepare and edit 3D files, slice and directly control your machines all from just one software. Photocentric Studio software offers an array of excellent features, including an extensive variety of support modification and types, fast processing of large heavy files, personal customisation and customer friendly interface, autodetect of critical angles and much, much more. With 1 perpetual license, you can operate 2 PC’s and never have to renew your license again!

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Photocentric Studio Software comes with a perpetual license which can be activated on 2 PCs. It has a user interface modification which allows you various control options of 3D models such as orientation, scaling and copying. The option to preview layers and slicing give you a better understanding of your model. Auto-detect of critical areas for support generation makes sure you print how you want it. A few of the many other features include

  • Fast processing of large files. Suitable for all applications, from hobbyists to professionals
  • Integrated printer controller
  • Enable to open stl, obj and p3d files
  • Enable to save in stl, cw and p3d formats.
  • An extensive list of keyboard shortcuts to save time
  • Anti-aliasing option
  • Incorporated instruction guideline within the software environment
  • Automatic software notifications

And many more

System Requirements

Computer needed and minimum specifications

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Minimum 2.0 GHz processor speed 2 cores. Recommended 4 core
  • GPU capable of running OpenGL version 3.0 or higher
  • .net framework version 4.0
  • 64bit system: minimum 2 GB of RAM, recommended 4 GB
  • 32bit system: minimum 1 GB of RAM, recommended 2 GB