PrintLab Classroom – 1 Year Site Licence

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PrintLab Classroom – 1 Year Site Licence

£1,062.00 inc. VAT

£885.00 ex. VAT

PrintLab Classroom is an online platform containing over 45 fully resourced 3D printing projects and online courses. It also provides professional development resources, including a 5 hour training course for teachers, and a student portal, providing everything you need to teach 3D modelling and 3D printing both in the classroom and for remote home-learning.

The 1 year site license provides up to 10 individual teacher accounts on PrintLab Classroom with 10 seats to The PrintLab Certification Course and up to 200 concurrent logins to the student portal. The perfect option for full school adoption of 3D printing. Register for a FREE 7-day trial to experience the full platform and try out the resources.


PrintLab Classroom is an online 3D design project platform containing over 45 projects and online courses to develop 3D modelling skills. Their approach is to take inspiration from the innovative uses of 3D printing in industry and bring these through to education. The curriculum is particularly suited to the various UK wide Design and Technology curriculums. It challenges students to design assistive technology, reusable packaging prototypes, sustainable products, hands-free virus solutions and more.

One of the benefits of PrintLab classroom is that in addition to the lesson plans, presentations and student workbooks for each project, there are project explainer videos to introduce students to the project and allow them to get started independently. There are also step-by-step video tutorials (for both Tinkercad and Fusion 360 software) that help students to learn the software and then use it to develop their designs.

printlab-classroom-self-watering-planterPrintLab Classroom provides a complete online toolkit allowing teachers to pick and choose from over 45 projects to develop 3D modelling skills to build your own pathway for students – saving you the time and stress of creating your own lesson plans. Each project is equipped with downloadable teaching materials such as presentations, workbooks and rubrics, as well as explainer videos and 3D design tutorials hosted on a student portal for a blended learning experience that allows students to learn and progress independently. This is perfect for use in school to develop design and 3D modelling skills whilst access to school workshops may be limited, but also for students to use at home whilst self-isolating.


The low-cost combination of online training, projects and resources makes PrintLab Classroom the ultimate cross-curricular toolkit for schools looking to introduce 3D modelling and 3D printing into their curriculum. The annual subscription provides access to all of the 45 projects and courses, the teacher CPD resources and all the new projects that are released during the year.

Video Preview

Take a look at this preview of the PrintLab Classroom resources.

Certification Course

The PrintLab Classroom teacher licence, gives 1 teacher access to the PrintLab Certification Course.


Platform Contents:

✔ 40 fully resourced cross-curricular projects (with new projects added throughout the year)

✔ 10 x Teacher accounts and seats on the Online Certified Training Course

✔ 1 x 3D Printing Guide for Teachers (Digital PDF)

✔ 200 x concurrent logins to the PrintLab student portal

✔ A series of online courses for students to learn the fundamentals of 3D modelling and 3D printing including:

  • Introduction to Tinkercad
  • Introduction to Fusion360
  • Designing for 3D printing (with Tinkercad)
  • Tinkercad to Fusion 360
  • 3D printing basics
  • Slicing for 3D printing
  • 3D printing technologies.

Every project comes with:

✔ Step-by-Step instructions

✔ Presentations

✔ Student workbooks

✔ 3D modelling video tutorials

✔ Available using Fusion360 and TinkerCAD

Teachers no longer need to spend time thinking about lesson ideas, planning activities or creating resources.

Teaching Age Group: 9-14

3D Printer Compatibility: Any FFF machine

Software Required: Tinkercad (Free) or Fusion 360 (Free)

Curriculum Standards: Aligned to UK National Curriculum

Subject Areas: Design & Technology, Engineering, Product Design, Science, Maths, Geography, History, Languages, Art, Computing, Music, Religion

Free PrintLab Trial

You can sign up here to a FREE 7-day trial of the PrintLab Classroom Portal and access the teacher and student portals with all 45+ projects and online courses, along with CPD materials for the duration of the trial.

Upon expiry of the trial, you will still have unlimited access to the following projects and resources:

  • 3D Printing Guide for Teachers
  • Designing for 3D Printing in Tinkercad Online Course for Students
  • Pandemic Products Project
  • Assistive Devices Project
  • The Make:able Challenge Project


“I really like the lesson portal – I was excited to see lessons for subjects other than just science and technology. We have already done the Braille lesson in class and it went really well!”

Carrie Beach, STEAM Teacher, Washington Junior High School

“The written directions and student workbooks, along with the step-by-step video tutorials using TinkerCAD to create the parts for the project are extremely helpful for both myself as the teacher and my students”.

Andrew Capizzi, Teacher, Twenhofel Middle School

“I have four classes of 3D design, all using PrintLab Classroom. The ability to design and create in 3D will be a part of their future, as will be learning from their mistakes!”

Michele Brezovec, Teacher, South Meadow School

“Curriculum like PrintLab Classroom is a great resource for those starting out with 3D printing!”

Steven Jones, STEAM Facilitator, L.J. Hauser Junior High School