Printlab Educate Bundle

Printlab Educate Bundle

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The PrintLab Educate Bundle includes 2 EinStart-C 3D printers, 5 rolls of filament and a whole range of teacher training resources and curriculum such as Kideville’s term-long, city design project. All this for the price you would expect to pay for a single desktop 3D printer.

The bundle includes:

  • 2 x EinStart-C 3D Printers
  • 5 x Innofill PLA 750g rolls
  • 3D Star Slicing Software (supplied on a USB)
  • Printlab Teacher Training Handbook (supplied on a USB)
  • 1 years subscription to Printlab Classroom (single user licence)
  • Kideville City Design Project (18 user version)
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Testimonials
  • What is included?
  • 3DStar Software
  • Support


Washington Junior High School

“I really like the lesson portal – I was excited to see lessons for subjects other than just science and technology. We have already done the Braille lesson in class and it went really well!”

Carrie Beach, STEAM Teacher

What is included?

2 x EinStart-C

At the heart of the bundle is an EinStart-C 3D printer. The EinStart-C is a stylish and compact desktop 3D printer, based on fused deposition modelling technology. The fully enclosed design and optimised structures enable the EinStart-C to continuously operate for hundreds of hours.
It prints at an amazing speed of 100cc/h and benefits from automatic bed levelling, colour touchscreen display and wireless network connection for automatic firmware updates. Boasting advanced safety features and an amazing price point, it is the perfect tool for educators looking to incorporate 3D printing into STEM subjects.

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5 x Innofil PLA

Innofil PLA filament is a professional-grade material available in a range of vibrant RAL colours. PLA is Poly-Lactic-Acid, a biodegradable polymer with a low melting point. It is an easy material to print with and gives a fantastic, smooth printing result, making it the perfect filament for schools.
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1 x PrintLab Teacher Training Handbook

The PrintLab Teacher Training Handbook is a comprehensive document that leads educators through their 3D printing journey. From learning about the industry and setting up the 3D printers to calculating material costs and CAD design, educators can be rest assured they will have the confidence to effectively teach 3D printing.

1 x Printlab Classroom

PrintLab Classroom is a creative, lesson plan portal for teachers looking to integrate 3D printing into core topics such as science, technology, engineering, arts, maths, computing, geography, history, languages and more. The PrintLab Educate Bundle gives teachers 12 months access to a whole range of creative projects and 2 new lessons will be added to the portal each month.  The Teacher training handbook is supplied on a USB along with other education files and test prints for the Einstart-C.
Each lesson comes with everything a teacher needs to prepare and deliver the lesson, including:

  • Step-by-step Instructions
  • Downloadable Student Workbooks
  • Slide-show Presentations
  • CAD Tutorial Videos

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1 x Kideville Kit

Kideville is a sustainable city design project, where much like in a game, each student is assigned a creative mission that takes them through a full design and project management process. The teacher curates this journey, which includes research, ideation, sketching, technical drawing, CAD modeling, 3D printing and presenting, keeping a balance of individual project development and group teamwork. This bundle includes the Kideville 18 user version of the kit providing everything you need for up to 18 students or groups (worth £299).
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3DStar Software

3DStar is the EinStart-C’s easy-to-use slicing software, which is included on the USB drive that comes with the printer. The software has been carefully designed so that even complete beginners can easily navigate the interface and slice models within seconds. 3DStar also has advanced functions including:

  • Split model function
  • Model Error Checker
  • Automatic Support Material Generator


Industry Leading 12 Month Warranty and Lifetime Support

The EinStart-C comes with 12 months warranty with the exclusion of the print head module, which is 3 months.
CREATE Education also offers lifetime support through email and phone, through our aftersales and technical support partner 3DGBIRE.
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