T Level Metal Starter

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T Level Metal Starter

£18,238.80 inc. VAT

£15,199.00 ex. VAT

Take your T Level delivery to the next level with metal 3D printing with our comprehensive kit. 

This bundle includes:

What do you get in the box

T Level Metal Starter Bundle

Our bundles will have students 3D printing, 3D scanning and forming prototypes in no time and all come complete with CPD training included to help you get your T Level delivery underway straight away.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x UltiMaker S5
  • 1 x Einscan HX 3D scanner
  • 316-L or 17-4 PH metal Filaments
  • 1 x CC Core  
  • Composite materials
  • 1 day of Training

UltiMaker S5

Enhanced reliability

Trust the UltiMaker S5 to do its job while you do yours. Its advanced active bed leveling ensures a perfect first layer, glass doors control the airflow, and dual filament flow sensors will pause your print and notify you if you run out of material.


Thanks to our pioneering alliance with global materials companies, UltiMaker S5 offers an easy way to print with the world’s most advanced filaments – including glass and carbon fiber composites.

For non-abrasive filaments, switch between build and support material in seconds, choosing from 0.8, 0.4, or 0.25 mm print cores for fast or detailed prints. To unlock more high-end applications with abrasive materials, select print core CC Red 0.6 (sold separately).

Award-winning touchscreen interface

Winner of a 2019 iF Design Award, the touchscreen interface simplifies every action with the UltiMaker S5. Step-by-step setup, navigation, and maintenance remove the need for training and deliver a hassle-free, intuitive 3D printing experience.


EinScan HX 3D Scanner

Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light Source Handheld 3D Scanner

Based on years of 3D measurement experience and market demand, SHINING 3D innovatively integrates blue LED light and blue laser into EinScan HX handheld 3D scanner.

With strengths of technical accumulation on 3D vision technology in more than a decade, SHINING 3D is now introducing its new developed handheld 3D scanner, EinScan H. Based on hybrid structure light technology of LED and invisible infrared light, EinScan H is making human face scanning more comfortable without strong light. With a built-in color camera and large field of view, EinScan H provides high quality 3D data with full color ready-to-use in minutes.