UltiMaker 3 Extended | Reconditioned


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UltiMaker 3 Extended | Reconditioned

£3,000.00 inc. VAT

£2,500.00 ex. VAT


✓ Fully Tested by 3DGBIRE to their High Standard
✓ the Same One-year Warranty as a Brand-new 3d Printer
✓ Complete Manual and Accessories Included
✓ Package and Boxed Up
✓ 1 Complimentary UltiMaker PLA Filament 750g

Each reconditioned 3d printer varies in cosmetic quality, which will not affect your 3d printing experience. If you require more details of each individual reconditioned 3d printer, please contact the CREATE Education Project team via telephone 01257 276 116


The UltiMaker 3 series provides reliable dual extrusion with soluble support material, swappable print cores and wireless control. This premium professional desktop printer allows for prints with more complex geometries to be created. This provides greater opportunities for design, technology and engineering students in Further and Higher Education as well as for Secondary (KS4 and KS5) exam project work. The extra 10cm of build height that the UltiMaker 3 Extended offers over the UltiMaker 3 is perfect for larger student projects.

Reconditioned 3D Printers

<p>All our reconditioned 3D printers come with lifetime support via phone/email – the same as all of our other machines. Reconditioned 3D Printers are ex-loan/demo machines, they may have slight cosmetic imperfections but are fully working and tested. Every reconditioned 3D Printer is refurbished to the manufacturer’s high standards and tested by the certified trained technical experts at 3DGBIRE. All of the reconditioned printers come with a six-month warranty.</p>


Cowley International College

“The UltiMaker 3 allows the college to print in two colours at once without changing filament reels or pausing the printer. In doing so the students gain advanced modelling skills and techniques. The real advantage, however, comes when using water-soluble PVA as a support structure for intricate models. This allows students to create machine parts and interconnected models linked to STEM subjects such as Engineering. We are currently using it to make a prosthetic limb with many interconnected moving parts.”

Rob Jones, Assistant Headteacher/CAS Master Teacher/Quality Nominee

Best 3D Printer 2017 – List and review 18 Desktop 3D Printers on the market.

UltiMaker 3 ranked as #1

“The UltiMaker 3 is undoubtedly the best 3D printer for your workspace, studio, or office. With a solid design, tidy operation and excellent customer support, it’s practically the Rolls-Royce of 3D printing.”


Read the full review here.

Features & Benefits

Swappable Print Cores

Utimaker 3 comes with print cores for build (AA) and support (BB) materials. There’s a customised nozzle geometry per material – ensuring lower clogging risks and a more reliable 3D printing experience.

New Optimised Cooling

UltiMaker 3 has a powerful, low-noise fan system. Featuring two new radial fans and fan shrouds, it creates greater pressure build-up for an improved airflow. This ensures better cooling, high-quality bridging, faster print runs and smooth print surfaces.

Material Reconition with NFC Scanner

Built-in material recognition system ensures your 3D printer is primed and ready for the task. UltiMaker 3 detects and identifies the material on the reel holder and checks the correspondence of a filament and print core type being used.

EEPROM Print Core Chip

The EEPROM chip in the print core memorises the size and type of your nozzle, notifies you in case of misuse and, as a result, helps achieve higher print success rates.


Send your print project quickly and easily to your UltiMaker 3 via Cura.

Live Camera

Monitor every stage of your 3D printing project remotely by simply connecting to your UltiMaker 3’s Wi-Fi network. The result? Optimised workflow and exceptional control.

Active Levelling

The capacitive sensor in the print head measures distances between the print bed and the nozzle, and the tilt angle is compensated by adjusting the z height in the first layers. The result? More accurate levelling and improved build plate adhesion.

Heated Build Plate

Thanks to the heated glass build plate, you can print using many different materials and with improved build plate adhesion.


Cura Software and Ultimaker

Cura has been engineered to make the very most of the UltiMaker 3D printer. And vice versa. Born from open source collaboration, together they create a stable, reliable and seamless 3D printing experience. This free innovative software makes 3D printing so easy. For newbies, it’ll do everything for you, and for experts, there’s a world of advanced settings to tinker with. As it’s open source, developers work with the community to enrich it even more. Download it for free!
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Industry Leading 12 Month Warranty and Lifetime Support

All the parts, except the hot end, come with a 1-year warranty. UltiMaker also offers lifetime support through email and phone. There’s also an awesome community with plenty of knowledge to help you out when you’re in need.

The UltiMaker Community Has Over 10,00 3D Printing Experts

It’s an active community of experts who are full of useful tips and tricks, are always on hand for troubleshooting and collectively create a great networking platform. In fact, some of our key product upgrades and ideas were conceived in this very community. So when you add it all up, it’s an open source experience you need to be a part of and don’t want to miss out on!
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UltiMaker 3 Extend Manual

The UltiMaker 3 support pages show you how easy it is to produce great quality prints as soon as you get started.

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Technology FDM
Build Volume 215 x 215 x 300mm
Multi Material Printing Yes
Minimum Layer Height 0.02mm
Number of Heads 2
Dimensions L x W x H 342 x 380 x 489mm
Filament Diameter 2.85mm
Connectivity Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi
Model UltiMaker 3 Extended
Plug Type Type G – British 3-Pin
Wireless Yes
Weight 11.3kg