UltiMaker PLA

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UltiMaker PLA

£39.00 inc. VAT

£32.50 ex. VAT

The easiest material to print with. Derived from corn starches it is cheap and eco-friendly too. We always recommend starting with PLA and using it wherever possible. It is our most popular material but if you require more mechanical strength or thermal resistance you will need to extend your filament palette.



UltiMaker PLA 0.75kg. 2.85mm diameter and approximately 90m long.

UltiMaker PLA is really easy to print with, it’s reliable, gives good surface quality and it’s made from renewable sources, so it’s biodegradable too. It is an amazing material to print with and you can print at very high speeds when using this material.

Reasons to choose PLA

  • If you want to easily achieve high-resolution prints
  • Printing concept models and prototypes when aesthetics and fine details are key
  • When you’re casting metal parts through lost PLA casting
  • It’s perfect for printing in education or in the office, thanks to low ultrafine particle emissions
  • A heated bed isn’t necessary, it works with glue and blue tape as well
  • PLA isn’t suitable for medium temperature applications (50° C) or long-term outdoor usage.

Technical Information

Great roundness and consistency

PLA is Poly-Lactic-Acid, a biodegradable polymer that has a low melting point.

UltiMaker filaments have endlessly been tested to ensure they are up to the job: only the best make the grade. Prints come as intended time and time again. It also works perfectly with Cura material profiles.

Data Sheets

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