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UltiMaker S5

£6,474.00£7,312.80 inc. VAT

£5,395.00 ex. VAT

Discover the easy-to-use desktop 3D printer with a large build volume that delivers accurate, industrial-grade parts, time and again. With simple setup, high uptime, and reliable dual extrusion, UltiMaker S5 is the complete professional 3D printing solution.


Your school can have an UltiMaker S5 installed from only £29.31 per week. Contact us for more information on 01257 276116


Discover the easy-to-use desktop 3D printer with a large build volume that delivers accurate, industrial-grade parts, time and again. With simple setup, high uptime, and reliable dual extrusion, UltiMaker S5 is the complete professional 3D printing solution.


Enhanced reliability

Trust the UltiMaker S5 to do its job while you do yours. Its advanced active bed leveling ensures a perfect first layer, glass doors control the airflow, and dual filament flow sensors will pause your print and notify you if you run out of material.


Thanks to our pioneering alliance with global materials companies, UltiMaker S5 offers an easy way to print with the world’s most advanced filaments – including glass and carbon fiber composites.

For non-abrasive filaments, switch between build and support material in seconds, choosing from 0.8, 0.4, or 0.25 mm print cores for fast or detailed prints. To unlock more high-end applications with abrasive materials, select print core CC Red 0.6 (sold separately).

Award-winning touchscreen interface

Winner of a 2019 iF Design Award, the touchscreen interface simplifies every action with the UltiMaker S5. Step-by-step setup, navigation, and maintenance remove the need for training and deliver a hassle-free, intuitive 3D printing experience.

UltiMaker Essentials

Unending access to UltiMaker Essentials

UltiMaker Essentials gives you the tools you need to start 3D printing at work, while meeting IT requirements. With features including remote printer management, firmware firewalls, verified plugins, and direct software support.

Start 3D printing in your business with access to all the tools you need. Increased security, workflow management, and knowledge – UltiMaker Essentials brings it to your door, with features including a limited Digital Library for easy storage and sharing, an IT knowledge base, and the UltiMaker 3D Printing Academy e-learning platform.

Essential Features

Sliced your way

With a simple click or through 400 customizable settings, prepare files for 3D printing in the way that works for you

Continuous security improvements

Each release of UltiMaker Cura Enterprise is independently scanned, tested, and analyzed for vulnerabilities. We publish a summary of that report and we commit to continuously improving security.

Start 3D printing from anywhere in the world

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, send secure print jobs via the cloud to UltiMaker 3D printers on your network. Then stay informed of print progress thanks to remote device monitoring.

Manage access across your business

When it comes to who can 3D print – you decide. Via the organization management page, the UltiMaker software platform lets admins invite users, give them admin rights, or remove 3D printing access entirely.

Cloud-hosted, globally accessible

A central Digital Library of internally developed applications means your designers and engineers can access the parts and tools they need, wherever they are

Direct software support

Reduce downtime, reduce disruptions – direct software support means you’re back on track as soon as possible

Role-based courses put you in control

Associate e-learning courses for application engineers and 3D printing operator ensure you start off on the right foot


Bigger build volume

A build volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm (13 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches) gives you more freedom to produce larger designs or print multiple parts on one build plate. So you can meet demand with maximum efficiency, with a 3D printer that fits comfortably on your desk.

Perfect build plate adhesion – without the hassle

Multi-point probing with the print head’s capacitive sensor compensates for tiny variations in build plate topography, resulting in an always-perfect first layer.

Say goodbye to bed adhesion issues

Advanced active leveling with the UltiMaker S5 means you can start your print and stay focused on your work. The print head’s capacitive sensor automatically detects microscopic variations in the build area topography and compensates with Z-axis offsets.

Start 3D printing in 30 minutes

Anyone can 3D print using the UltiMaker S5. Our machines are so easy to use that, after a 30-minute introduction, customers feel confident to start 3D printing their own designs – with no need for a dedicated operator.

Save time with tested, predefined print settings

Take advantage of tested and predefined print settings with UltiMaker Cura. These settings not only include Ultimaker’s own materials, but also a growing library of print profiles from leading materials brands, available via UltiMaker Marketplace.

A perfect fit for your desktop

The UltiMaker S5 fits easily on any desktop. Its internal design allows both nozzles to reach the whole build plate. That wider nozzle coverage means that no space is wasted and offers an increased build-volume-to-size ratio.

3D printing materials. The choice is yours

The UltiMaker S5 is compatible with almost any 2.85 mm filament. 3D print with third-party materials as easily as UltiMaker filament, with predefined print settings on UltiMaker Marketplace – including carbon fiber-reinforced composites for high-strength parts.

Seamless integration with your in-house workflow

From CAD design to printed part, UltiMaker S5, UltiMaker materials, and UltiMaker Cura provide an end-to-end solution that easily improves and integrates with your in-house production workflow.

Professional results, affordable price

We’ve done the math. And with its low annual cost of ownership, the UltiMaker S5 offers an affordable entry to professional 3D printing, making ROI easy and fast to achieve.


Cura Software and Ultimaker

Cura has been engineered to make the very most of the UltiMaker 3D printer. And vice versa. Born from open source collaboration, together they create a stable, reliable and seamless 3D printing experience. This free innovative software makes 3D printing so easy. For newbies, it’ll do everything for you, and for experts, there’s a world of advanced settings to tinker with. As it’s open source, developers work with the community to enrich it even more. Download it for free!
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Industry Leading 12 Month Warranty and Lifetime Support

All the parts, except the hot end, come with a 1-year warranty. UltiMaker also offers lifetime support through email and phone. There’s also an awesome community with plenty of knowledge to help you out when you’re in need.

The UltiMaker Community Has Over 10,00 3D Printing Experts

It’s an active community of experts who are full of useful tips and tricks, are always on hand for troubleshooting and collectively create a great networking platform. In fact, some of our key product upgrades and ideas were conceived in this very community. So when you add it all up, it’s an open source experience you need to be a part of and don’t want to miss out on!
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“The UltiMaker is another major UltiMaker step forward. I have just added an S5 to my collection of Ultimakers 2, 3 and 3 Extended. I kicked off with a project involving three 30 hour prints, and I’m delighted to say that the S5 delivered immaculately.

In setting up, I could appreciate how UltiMaker are steadily improving the simple things. There’s now no need for a separate power block. Feeding filament into the drive mechanisms at the back has become easier.

The device which allows filament from the second reel at the back to feed in without tangling reduces the risk of filament tangles, which has been an issue for me in the past. Then there is the fact that there is so much more space to play around with. This will help me because I have regularly been asked to print items in that difficult 200-250 mm range, which involve trying designs on their edges or on diagonals.

It’s so nice to know that I can just print them out in whatever orientation will produce the best functional results. Oh yes, and the automatic calibration is increasingly thorough, so giving me confidence that jobs will print out with sliding.”

Louis Turner on Jul 19, 2019


Build volume 330 x 240 x 300 mm
(13 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches)
Assembled dimensions 495 x 585 x 780 mm
(19.5 x 23 x 30.7 inches)
Print technology Fused filament fabrication (FFF)
Compatible filament diameter 2.85 mm
Weight 20.6 kg (45.4 lbs)
Maximum power output 500 W
Layer resolution 0.25 mm nozzle: 150 – 60 micron
0.4 mm nozzle: 200 – 20 micron
0.6 mm nozzle: 300 – 20 micron
0.8 mm nozzle: 600 – 20 micron
XYZ resolution 6.9, 6.9, 2.5 micron
Feeder type Dual-geared feeder, reinforced for composite materials
Display 4.7-inch (11.9 cm) color touchscreen
Print core replacement Swappable print cores
Print head Dual extrusion print head with an auto-nozzle lifting system and swappable print cores
Nozzle diameters 0.25 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm



Extended Warranties

3DGBIRE offers a Warranty Extension to the Manufacturer Warranty, this extends the Warranty from 12 months to cover 36 months from the date of purchase. Warranty extension includes:

  • 36 months cover on all Manufacturer Warranty parts | Extended from 12 months to 36 months
  • Labour of the fitting of the replacement parts (Excludes consumables)
  • Full certificated machine service
  • Lifetime expert telephone & email support
  • Collection & return delivery


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