Raise3D Range

Raise3D Range

Prepare your students for the future of industry with a Raise 3D printer

Industrial 3D Printing for Education & Research: Large volume 3D Printers with IDEX technology.

HyperSpeed FFF: A Game Changing Technology. 500% faster printing on small batch production. Prototype print time reduced by 200%.

Think Bigger: Exceptional 3D Printers & High Precision Prints.

Carbon Fibre Printing Made Simple: Durable nozzles, sealed dry box and dual direct drive extrusion system.

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Raise the roof with Raise3D's exceptional range of 3D Printers

Raise the limits on applications and end product prints for the next generation of innovators in the classroom, with Raise 3D’s industrial printers.
Bringing you large volume, high precision, printing, Raise 3D make manufacturing  end products easy! And, with Raise 3D’s innovative technology, the range of applications are endless. Print Carbon Fibre, to PLA, or upgrade a Pro 3 with Raise 3D’s Hyper speed Kit to get 500% faster printing.

Manufacturing high performance  industrial grade 3D printers, Raise 3D have been adopted by some of the world’s leading manufacturing and engineering companies around the world. Get industry into the classroom, and train your students on the technology of their future.

Aaron WinstanleyBolton Independent School for Boys

Raise3D Case Studies

Art Academies Use 3D Printing for Preserving and Restoring Italian Classical Art

Improved Learning: Education and Community Outreach Using 3D Printing

Raise3D Teams up with Local High School to Bring Additive Technology to the Classroom

3D Printing Creates a Whirlwind of Innovation in the Field of Education

How the Pro2 Plus Large Format 3D Printer Benefits Education

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