The Mayku Multiplier

The Mayku Multiplier

Precision plastic fabrication on your workbench

The Multiplier is a desktop pressure former that can achieve sub-one-micron resolution in sheet thicknesses of up to 5mm. Combined with high-resolution 3D printing, it can achieve injection mold-like quality parts right from the desktop in a matter of minutes.


  • Create injection mold like quality parts.
  • Replicate 3D prints at sub-one micron level.
  • Work with factory materials between 0.5mm and 5mm thick.
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Replicate 3D printed parts in minutes

Included as standard:

  • The Mayku Multiplier pressure former
  • Unlimited custom material profiles
  • First make kit

£6,598.80 inc. VAT

Pressure forming performance

Replicate intricate structures on the sub-micron level for perfectly produced parts

No layers, no de-lamination. Strong, isotropic parts formed from the desktop.

Work with a wide range of pure, factory-grade materials.

Mayku Multiplier: Understanding Pressure Forming in Education

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Custom Mode - How to use custom materials

Using Custom Mode, the Multiplier can learn any new type of thermoformable sheet in a matter of minutes. Hundreds of profiles can be saved directly to the machine for future use, making it simple to use materials from any supplier. You can also edit saved profiles after you have made them.

Reducing Plate: Save material and get a perfect form

The Multiplier Reducing Plate condenses the forming area of the Multiplier down to A4 or US letter format.

  • Reduce material waste when forming smaller parts
  • Work with thicker materials over 5mm
  • Work with thinner materials as low as 100 microns
  • Use more readily available materials in A4 or US Letter size
  • Decrease webbing on tall parts by reducing the amount of material that would “bunch” around a given part

The features explained

Discover how you can create ultra precise molds and final parts in a matter of minutes with the Mayku Multiplier. Industrial power, on the desktop, that allows you to scale at high speed and take full control.